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About Us

HOPE Tutoring Center has been dedicated to helping children from economically disadvantaged backgrounds since our establishment in 1996. Launched from a grassroots initiative at Aldersgate United Methodist Church, we have grown to serve thousands of students over the years.

We offer free tutoring programs to Arlington students in Grades 2 - 8 in schools, libraries and churches as well as through a virtual platform. We also offer academic summer camps. 

We believe in empowering students to succeed by creating an environment where they feel seen, heard, and inspired to learn. Our programs are designed to help students improve their grades and outlook, and we are proud of our success.

Our Impact 2022-2023 

School Year Output

94 students tutored



54 students participated in summer camps

School Year Outcomes

92% of students showed improvements in grades



100% of students demonstrated increased knowledge after camp participation

We believe with the right tools, students can change the world!

Board of Directors


We Need Your Support Today!

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