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If you wish to enroll your student, you may begin the process by submitting this online form. Keep an eye on your email for messages from (You also may enroll your student in person at our office or our tutoring locations. Normal office hours are Tuesdays and Thursdays from 9-11 AM, and we can schedule a time more convenient for you. If you wish to enroll in person rather than online, please call us at 817-860-7757 to set up a time to enroll.)

Prior to starting, all parents will be required to review our policies, submit a copy of their student's most recent report card, and provide their family demographic information. Also, parents will be asked to provide an updated copy of their child's report card every six weeks so we can track progress.  You will be notified when a tutor is available for your student.

We look forward to helping your student excel!

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