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Student Enrollment

Student Enrollment Steps

Thank you for submitting your interest in tutoring! Please complete the following onboarding steps to complete your student's enrollment. Once we have received your forms and child's report card, we will start working on pairing your child with a tutor. We will send you a pairing email as soon as we are able to confirm that a tutor is available.

Registration only takes 4 steps:

  • Read the Handbook

  • Watch the video

  • Complete the forms

  • Submit your child's most recent report card


If you do not have your child's most recent report card, you can request a physical copy at your student's school. You can either drop it off at our main office or send it electronically through email or text. 

Orientation Links:

Please remember that we follow the Arlington ISD calendar. We do not offer tutoring on days when no school is held for students.

We know that was A LOT of information! If you have any questions or need assistance, please feel free to schedule a 1:1 with our Community Engagement Coordinator, Meredith Freeman, to answer any questions/concerns you might have:

We look forward to helping your child excel!

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