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Volunteer Enrollment Steps

Thank you for expressing your interest in becoming a volunteer! We are SO excited to have you join our organization. There are 4 steps that you need to complete before volunteering.

Steps to Complete (links provided below)

  1. Complete 2 background checks, one for H.O.P.E. Tutoring and one for AISD. AISD's background check is coupled with their volunteer application form. If you are a High School volunteer, please submit your most recent report card and a letter of recommendation in place of the background check.

  2. Review the Volunteer Handbook. Then complete the acknowledgement form after reviewing the handbook.

  3. Watch the Volunteer Orientation recording. After viewing the recording, please complete the confirmation form.

  4. Attend a volunteer training session before your start date. Volunteer training dates TBD.

Each of these steps is outlined below.

Background Checks (please complete both):

         Note: Criminal background checks are governed by the same laws that govern credit checks, so you

         might see references made about credit checks. HOPE Tutoring is not running credit checks on our       


Note: When completing the AISD volunteer application, click on "Apply Now" to start the process. Then you may choose the following options on the form:

  • Affiliation: Community Member

  • School Preference: McNutt Elementary or Blanton Elementary

  • Organizations: Non-Profit

Volunteer Handbook

Please review the HOPE Tutoring Volunteer Handbook. Once completed, visit the Acknowledgement and Waiver link provided to confirm you have reviewed the handbook.


Volunteer Orientation Recording

Please view the Volunteer Orientation recording, then visit the confirmation link once you have viewed the orientation. 

Self-assessment and Resources

Please complete the self-assessment form and review the tutor resources. 

Please remember that we follow the Arlington ISD calendar. We do not offer tutoring on days when no school is held for students.

We know that was A LOT of information! If you have any questions or need assistance, please feel free to schedule a 1:1 with our Community Engagement Coordinator, Meredith Freeman, to answer any questions/concerns you might have.

Our volunteers are the heart of HOPE Tutoring, and it is because of your dedication to our students that we continue to help them excel. Thank you for your service! We look forward to working with you!

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